Qualified Software

Emulation of a real banking environment
with ability to test Open Banking APIs

Ready to go APIs
APIs cover all methods for all types of payment services (AIS/PIS) and SCA flows; support dynamic responses
Documentation for PSP
Fully documented use cases, testing scenarios, guidelines on solution modules & security settings
Guaranteed security
Solution security is proven by the vulnerability assessment report; testing on a separate environment independently from core banking
Customisable UI
Applications user interfaces can be adjusted according to your brand styling and support multiple languages
For Banks and Financial Institutions
  • It may be used as a part of test environment or as an onboarding portal for the Open Banking suite
  • Test facility (sandbox) to access bank test customers’ accounts and execute payments, required by PSD2 to be compliant with regulation standard
  • Web UIs and REST APIs for manual and automated testing from different actors’ perspectives (payment service user, TPP or bank employee)
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For Third Party Providers
  • Possibility to plan, prepare and execute tests, manually or automated, against a configurable XS2A interface of the bank
  • Easy management of test data, including bulk data generation, test data upload and rollbacks
  • Emulation of every PSD2 payment transaction and necessary consent management in real time with dynamic behaviour
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Solution features
  • Core banking/Online banking simulation
  • Test environment fully meeting the NextGen PSD2 (XS2A framework) standards
  • Full authorization cycle and SCA based on RTS standard
  • TPP onboarding via the TPP Management portal & various options for administration
  • Multi-flow testing via the Developer Portal
  • Allow uploading, generating and managing test data to support dynamic testing scenarios
Developer Portal
Keeps documentation of XS2A interface and all instructions for TPPs
TPP Management
Register and manage TPPs. Generates TPP test certificates
XS2A Services
and Interfaces
Connect with emulated banking framework
Online Banking
Interface for PSU authentication for banking services
Ledgers Services
Provide test users and account management
Admin Application
Manage Payment Service Providers’ access to the test environment
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How to emulate banking services without direct access to core banking

Register TPPs and monitor their activity
Create PSUs and imitate their accounts
Pass through all use cases
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